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In this imposing ancient building, all the 15 rooms are different, with sober, pleasant and "cozy" decoration.

Each rooms bears the name of a street ou a place in Metz, and their charm is due to the beautifull wooden doors, and old chimneys surmounted by old mirrors.
The wooden ramp and staircase that deserve the 4 floors are original and surmounted by a glass dome.
Each room has its shower room and toilets, mostly separated.
Rooms can accomodate from 1 to 4 persons.
Be free to tell us your wishes, we will be happy to offer you the room that suits you.


Françoise Moïse

14, rue Dupont des Loges
57000 METZ

Tel:  +33 (0)3 87 36 06 93

port : +33 (0)6 69 40 24 94
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